Labour of Love (song)

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"Labour of Love"
Cover art for 1993 release
Single by Hue and Cry
from the album Seduced and Abandoned
Released 1987
Label Circa
Writer(s) Gregory Kane, Patrick Kane
Producer(s) Harvey Jay Goldberg and James Biondolillo

"Labour of Love" was a hit single by Scottish duo/brothers Greg and Pat Kane, better known as Hue and Cry. Included on the album Seduced and Abandoned, it was released as their second single in 1987 after their first hit "I Refuse" had failed to make the UK Top 75.

Showcasing a somewhat funky sound that was very different from their later ballad releases, this song remains their biggest hit to date, peaking at #6 on the UK Singles Chart and meriting inclusion on many hits compilations of the 1980s.

The song is written from the perspective of a disillusioned working-class Conservative voter of the mid-1980s who has worked hard to believe in Margaret Thatcher's story of a new proud, individualist Britain and who is now realising that there is less "gain" than "pain" in doing so.

The band had a lucky break with this single when they were asked to perform it on the BBC music show Top of the Pops at short notice. American band Los Lobos were booked to be on the show that week with their hit "La Bamba" but due to a mix-up with their visa applications, they were unable to perform. Hue and Cry were asked to fill the gap in the show and the exposure that this generated helped propel the single up the UK charts.

In 1993, this song was remixed by house music producer/DJ Joey Negro and released as a single that reached #25 in the UK charts.

The song was featured in the soundtrack for the video game Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City.