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OriginRichmond, Virginia, U.S.
GenresPost-rock, ambient, drone, art rock, experimental
Years active1992–2001
LabelsKranky, Blast First
MembersCarter Brown
Robert Donne
Mark Nelson

Labradford is a U.S. post-rock musical group from Richmond, Virginia, founded in 1991.[1] They have released six full albums from 1993 to 2001. Though not disbanded, its members have since been active with separate projects.


Founded in 1991, Labradford consists of bassist Robert Donne, guitarist/vocalist Mark Nelson, and keyboardist Carter Brown. Their music style is experimental ambient and post-rock,[2] although their first releases were much more related to dark drone rock.[3]

After a début single in 1992, they were signed by Kranky (which has remained their home since) who issued their début album Prazision LP in 1993.[1] The group's music mostly drifts on the guitar effects and the keyboard passages, with the vocals, when present, in the background.

In 1999, they started a tour with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and their Festival of Drifting series, which featured appearances from Pole, Robin Guthrie,[4] Matmos, Papa M, and Sigur Rós.

Though the group has not officially disbanded, they have not released another album since 2001's critically acclaimed Fixed::Context, and the band members have apparently moved away from their former base of Richmond, Virginia. Robert Donne has joined the slow-core group Spokane, and is currently joining Gregor Samsa for their European tour. Mark Nelson continues to release records on Kranky under the name Pan American.


Full albums[edit]

Other releases[edit]

  • 1992: "Everlast", U.S. 7", Retro 8 (now collected on Prazision LP: A-side since the 1993 CD, B-side since its 2007 remaster)
  • 1995: "Julius", U.S. 7", Merge
  • 1996: "Scenic Recovery", UK 10", Duophonic
  • 1996: The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 3, U.S. 12" (split with Stars of the Lid), Trance Syndicate
  • 2000: Ene, 10" LP split with Surfers of Romantica, Eerie Materials

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • 1992: Repugnating The Wombat US CS Retro 8
  • 1994: Dixie Flatline (Wilson Interrupt Mix), Skyliner (live) US CD Radioactive Rat
  • 1994: Ambient 4: Isolationism Air Lubricated Free Axis Trainer UK 2CD Virgin AMBT 4
  • 1994: The Church Song (remix of a Jim O'Rourke track) US CD Astralwerks ASW6153
  • 1995: Excursions In Ambience IV: The Fourth Frontier
  • 1996: Newman Passage, Pico / Elec. Security UK CD Blast First bffp141cde
  • 1996: Volume 16, The Window UK CD Volume 16 VCD16
  • 1996: Monsters, Rugrats and Bugmen, sedr 77 UK 2CD Virgin ambt111
  • 1998: The Wire Tapper 2 [given away free with The Wire issue 177, November 1998] V (Harold Budd Remix) UK CD WIRECD002
  • 1999: Drifing A.F.U. [limited edition CD given away free at Labradford's Second Festival of Drifting, 1999]
  • 2000: The Wire Tapper 5 [given away free with The Wire issue 193, March 2000] So Remix (Matmos Remix), UK CD WIRECD005
  • 2016: By Chris Johnston, Craig Markva, Jamie Evans (Original Version), The Young Pope Soundtrack, WB CD 5054197508028

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