Labu, Negeri Sembilan

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Country Malaysia
State Negeri Sembilan
District Seremban
The Labu station (Rawang-Seremban Line), as seen from its main entrance.

Labu is a mukim in Seremban District, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


Nearby towns include Tiroi, Pelegong, Gadong, Kondok, and Jijan. Labu also known as 'Datuk Syahbandar Sungai Ujong Motherland' or 'Telapak Datuk Syahbandar Sungai Ujong'


Labu was founded around the start of the 19th century, during the reign of the eighth Datuk Undang of Sungai Ujong (Seremban), Y. A. M. Dato' Kelana Petra Sri Jaya, Dato' Kelana Leha (1780-1800).

During World War II, the Japanese used it as one of their headquarters, building up several forts near the town that were mostly demolished a double-track railway in 1995.

New Villages were built nearby during the Emergency where the local Chinese workers were kept.

President Lyndon B. Johnson visited there on a helicopter, giving his destination, Labu Jaya, the name "Felda LBJ".


The Homestay Kampung Pelegong provides an annual feast of fruit that is open for visitors.

Kampung Tekir, an Orang Asli village, allows visitors to spend time there to study about their culture.

A new RMAF military base has been planned to be built in Sendayan but not in Labu as scheduled earlier.


The Labu Komuter station (Rawang-Seremban Line) has no proper tar road to this station, and its road was broken without repairs for the past few years.


The town has remained underdeveloped, resulting in migration to nearby settlements due to poor opportunities, due to neglect from the town's YB man.[1]

Most locals work in the government sector, and some others work in agriculture and farming livestock.However the Labu town now been developed under new assemblyman, YB Datuk Hasim B. Rusdi. Famous novelist Mohamed Bakarudeen Bin Abdul Kader's ( AURA novelist ) hometown is Labu.

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Coordinates: 2°45′N 101°49′E / 2.750°N 101.817°E / 2.750; 101.817