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New Laburnum station.jpg
Eastbound view in January 2007
Location Laburnum Street, Blackburn
Coordinates 37°49′15″S 145°08′27″E / 37.8208°S 145.1407°E / -37.8208; 145.1407Coordinates: 37°49′15″S 145°08′27″E / 37.8208°S 145.1407°E / -37.8208; 145.1407
Owned by VicTrack
Operated by Metro
Line(s) Lilydale
Distance 17.82 kilometres from Southern Cross
Platforms 2 side
Tracks 2
Structure type Ground
Other information
Status Unstaffed station
Station code LAB
Fare zone Myki zone 2
Website Public Transport Victoria
Opened 13 July 1958
Rebuilt 29 January 2007
Electrified Yes
Preceding station   Metro Trains   Following station
Lilydale line
toward Lilydale
Belgrave line
toward Belgrave

Laburnum railway station is located on the Lilydale and Belgrave lines in Victoria, Australia. It serves the eastern Melbourne suburb of Laburnum opening on 13 July 1958.[1]

The original Laburnum station had two platforms with a substantial brick building on Platform 1, and a small brick shelter on Platform 2.

The Middleborough Road Grade Separation Project involved lowering the line eight metres below Middleborough Road. This required the rebuilding of Laburnum station, and the removal of the bend in Laburnum Street beneath it. The station buildings were demolished in October 2006 with the new station opening on 29 January 2007.[2] Provision was made for the future installation of a future third track.[3][4]

Platforms & services[edit]

Laburnum has two side platforms. It is serviced by Metro Trains' Lilydale and Belgrave line services.[5][6]

Platforms 1:

Platforms 2:

Toot Toot - Drive Slowly sign[edit]

Plaque commemorating the Laburnum Railway Station 'Toot-Toot' sign

Laburnum Station was once known for having a sign reading 'Toot Toot - drive slowly' under the railway bridge, which crosses Laburnum Street.[7] Drivers would often sound their car horns, as instructed by the sign, to warn oncoming, but possibly unseen traffic that might be approaching the narrow underpass. Infuriated neighbours would frequently attempt to remove this sign by painting over it, but to no avail; the local council would restore this sign every time.[8][9]

When the station was rebuilt following the 2007 grade separation, the road underpass was substantially widened and the sign was deemed unnecessary and removed for good. A plaque commemorating the sign and describing its history[10] was erected, although it, too, has since been removed.


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