Labynkyr Lake

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Lake Labynkyr
Лабынкыр, вид с южного берега.jpg
View of the lake
Lake Labynkyr is located in Sakha Republic
Lake Labynkyr
Lake Labynkyr
Location in the Sakha Republic, Russia
LocationSordonokh Plateau
Coordinates62°29′50″N 143°36′25″E / 62.49710°N 143.60687°E / 62.49710; 143.60687Coordinates: 62°29′50″N 143°36′25″E / 62.49710°N 143.60687°E / 62.49710; 143.60687
Basin countriesRussia
Max. length14.3 km (9 mi)
Max. width4.1 km (3 mi)
Surface area44.7 km2 (17.3 sq mi)
Average depth52 m (171 ft)
Max. depth75 m (246 ft)
Surface elevation1,020 m (3,346 ft)

Labynkyr Lake (Russian: Лабынкыр, Yakut: Лабыҥкыр) is a lake in Oymyakonsky Ulus, Sakha Republic, Russia. The lake is part of the Indigirka basin and is located near the borders of Khabarovsk Krai and Magadan Oblast. The surface area of the lake is 44.7 km2 (17.3 sq mi)[1] and is 1020 meters above mean sea level. Its average depth is 52 m (171 ft).

According to folklore, Labynkyr Lake is the location of a dreadful monster called the "Labynkyr Devil".[2][3]