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Labyrinth (David Bowie album) coverart.jpg
Soundtrack album / Studio album by David Bowie and Trevor Jones
Released 23 June 1986 (1986-06-23)
Recorded 1985–1986
Length 43:33
Label EMI AML 3104
David Bowie chronology
Never Let Me Down
Singles from Labyrinth
  1. "Underground"
    Released: 9 June 1986
  2. "Magic Dance"
    Released: 1986
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[1]

Labyrinth is a soundtrack album by David Bowie and Trevor Jones, released on cassette and vinyl in 1986 for the film Labyrinth. The first audio CD release was in 1989. It was the second of three soundtrack releases in which Bowie had a major role, following Christiane F. and preceding The Buddha of Suburbia. The soundtrack album features Trevor Jones' score, which is split into six tracks for the soundtrack: "Into the Labyrinth", "Sarah", "Hallucination", "The Goblin Battle", "Thirteen O'Clock", and "Home at Last".


Bowie was approached to take part in the film in 1983 during his Serious Moonlight Tour when he saw early designs for the movie and a video of The Dark Crystal. Bowie had wanted to make music for a children's film and saw this as his chance.[2] Bowie recorded five songs for the film: "Underground", "Magic Dance", "Chilly Down", "As the World Falls Down", and "Within You". "Underground" features on the soundtrack twice, first in an edited version that was played over the film's opening sequence and secondly in full. "Underground" was released in various territories as a single, and in certain markets was also released in an instrumental version and an extended dance mix.[3] "Magic Dance" was released as a 12" single in the U.S.[4] "As the World Falls Down" was initially slated for release as a follow-up single to "Underground" at Christmas in 1986, but this plan did not materialize.[5] The only song Bowie did not perform lead vocal on is "Chilly Down", which was performed by Charles Augins, Richard Bodkin, Kevin Clash, and Danny John-Jules, the actors who voiced the 'Fire Gang' creatures in the film.[6]


Steve Barron produced promotional music videos for "Underground" and "As the World Falls Down". The music video for "Underground" features Bowie as a nightclub singer who stumbles upon the world of the Labyrinth, encountering many of the creatures seen in the film. The clip for "As the World Falls Down" integrates clips from the film, using them alongside black-and-white shots of Bowie performing the song in an elegant room.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Opening Titles Including Underground" (Music by Trevor Jones, Lyrics by Bowie) 3:21
2. "Into the Labyrinth" (Jones) 2:12
3. "Magic Dance" (Bowie) 5:13
4. "Sarah" (Jones) 3:12
5. "Chilly Down" (Bowie) 3:44
6. "Hallucination" (Jones) 3:02
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "As the World Falls Down" (Bowie) 4:51
8. "The Goblin Battle" (Jones) 3:31
9. "Within You" (Bowie) 3:30
10. "Thirteen O'Clock" (Jones) 3:06
11. "Home at Last" (Jones) 1:49
12. "Underground" (Bowie) 5:57
Total length: 43:33


Adapted from Discogs.[7][8]



Year Chart Position
1986 UK Albums Chart 38[8]
1986 US Billboard 200 68[9]


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