Labyrinth (marble game)

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Publication date1946
Setup timenone
Playing timevaries
Random chanceno
Skill(s) requiredhand-eye coordination
A miniature golf hole in the style of a large Labyrinth game, from the 2009 FIGMENT arts event

Labyrinth is a game of physical skill consisting of a box with a maze on top with holes, and a steel marble. The object of the game is to try to tilt the playfield to guide the marble to the end of the maze, without letting it fall into any of the holes. Some versions of the game feature a suspended maze surface that rotates on two axes, each of which is controlled by a knob. Small handheld versions of the game are sold, with the box being completely closed with a transparent cover on top.

The game was developed by BRIO in Sweden and first released there in 1946.[1] It was introduced to the United States by BRIO around 1950. Similar games are offered in the US by a number of companies, due to it never being properly copyrighted there (according to one such company).[2]

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