Lac Dodon

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Lac Dodon
Type Iron
Structural classification Coarse octahedrite
Group IAB complex[1]
Composition 91% Fe, 8.64% Ni, 71 ppm Ga, 377 ppm Ge, 3.30 ppm Ir
Country Canada
Region Quebec, Canada
Coordinates 45°57′00″N 73°55′00″W / 45.95000°N 73.91667°W / 45.95000; -73.91667Coordinates: 45°57′00″N 73°55′00″W / 45.95000°N 73.91667°W / 45.95000; -73.91667
Observed fall no
Found date 1993
TKW 0.8 kilograms (1.8 lb)[1]

Lac Dodon is an iron meteorite discovered by Roland Octerneau of Montreal on rural private property near Lac Dodon, Saint-Calixte, Quebec.[1][2]

The recovered fragment measures approximately 10 centimetres (3.9 in) x 5 centimetres (2.0 in) x 6 centimetres (2.4 in). The meteorite was oxidized on its exterior and lying at the surface of the ground.

Composition and classification[edit]

The meteorite is a coarse octahedrite (mean bandwidth 1.34mm) with narrow cloudy taenite bands separating the kamacite lamellae. Occasional areas of coarse to fine acicular plessite and net plessite are Neumann lines and rhabdites. Sparsely developed Brezina lamellae and fine-grained globular schreibersite are present. At one exterior surface, a heat-affected zone 0.1mm thick containing unequilibrated alpha(sub)2-kamacite is preserved. Cloudy taenite extending into this zone has developed bainitic texture. The presence of the zone suggests a relatively recent fall.


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