Lac Le Jeune

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This page is for the lake. For the community located on it, see Lac Le Jeune, British Columbia
Lac Le Jeune
Lake View, Lac Le Jeune, Canada.jpg
Lac Le Jeune is located in British Columbia
Lac Le Jeune
Lac Le Jeune
LocationBritish Columbia
Coordinates50°28′59″N 120°28′37″W / 50.483°N 120.477°W / 50.483; -120.477Coordinates: 50°28′59″N 120°28′37″W / 50.483°N 120.477°W / 50.483; -120.477
Basin countriesCanada

Lac Le Jeune is a lake and provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located approximately 37 kilometres south of Kamloops or 47 kilometres north of Merritt.

The lake is located within Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park, a 213-hectare provincial park run by the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment, and is a popular fishing spot for "fighting" Rainbow Trout, which was established in 1956.[1] It is a summer holiday spot with 144 campgrounds and the Lac Le Jeune Resort.

The lake has had several names including "Batchelor", "Chuhwels", and "Le Jeune Lake". The current name was adopted in 1956, and commemorates Father Jean-Marie-Raphaël Le Jeune, a French Catholic priest who spent much of his life in the region.[2]


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