Lake Tsimanampetsotsa

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Lake Tsimanampetsotsa
Lake Tsimanampetsotsa NASA.jpg
from space
Location Toliara Province
Coordinates 24°07′S 43°45′E / 24.117°S 43.750°E / -24.117; 43.750Coordinates: 24°07′S 43°45′E / 24.117°S 43.750°E / -24.117; 43.750
Type alkaline lake [1]
Basin countries Madagascar
Surface area 456 km2 (176 sq mi)
Lake Tsimanampetsotsa

Lake Tsimanampetsotsa (French: Lac Tsimanampetsotsa) is an alkaline lake [1] in the Toliara Province, in the southwestern part of Madagascar.[2] It is located at around 24°07′S 43°45′E / 24.117°S 43.750°E / -24.117; 43.750. The lake is an important wetland and is protected within a national park and as a Ramsar site. The Ramsar site has a total area of 456 km2 (176 sq mi), while the surface of the lake is much smaller. The lake Tsimanampetsotsa is a part of the Tsimanampetsotsa National Park.

The name of the lake in Malagasy means "lake without dolphins".