Lake Wey

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Lake Wey
Lac Wey
Lake Wey is located in Chad
Lake Wey
Lake Wey
Location Moundou, Logone Occidental, Chad
Coordinates 8°33′15″N 16°02′15″E / 8.55417°N 16.03750°E / 8.55417; 16.03750Coordinates: 8°33′15″N 16°02′15″E / 8.55417°N 16.03750°E / 8.55417; 16.03750

Lake Wey,[1][2] also spelled Lake Ouei,[3][4] Lake Oueye[5] or Lake We,[6] is a lake in southern Chad. It lies adjacent to the second largest city of Chad, Moundou, to its southwest,[7] and lies just north of the Mbéré River (a tributary of the Western Logone).

The lake is located in the Lac Wey department in the Logone Occidental region of Chad.


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