Lac de Géronde

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Lac de Géronde
Lac de Géronde.JPG
Location Sierre, Valais
Coordinates 46°17′21″N 7°32′35″E / 46.28917°N 7.54306°E / 46.28917; 7.54306Coordinates: 46°17′21″N 7°32′35″E / 46.28917°N 7.54306°E / 46.28917; 7.54306
Basin countries Switzerland
Surface area 5.5 ha (14 acres)
Surface elevation 523 m (1,716 ft)

Lac de Géronde (German: Gerundensee) is a lake at Sierre, Valais, Switzerland. At an elevation of 523 metres (1,716 ft), it has a surface area of 0.055 square kilometres.

A trail, made out of woodchips, leads around the lake. A public bathing beach, the „Bains de Géronde“, is located at the northwest border of the lake. Besides the main lake, there are two "petit lacs" (small lakes) close by.

From Sierre trainstation, the Lac de Géronde can be reached by foot in 10 minutes.

Painting by Charles-Louis Guigon, 1860

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