Lac de Mauvoisin

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Lac de Mauvoisin
View of the lake from the dam, July 2008
Location Valais
Coordinates 45°59′53″N 7°20′58″E / 45.99806°N 7.34944°E / 45.99806; 7.34944Coordinates: 45°59′53″N 7°20′58″E / 45.99806°N 7.34944°E / 45.99806; 7.34944
Type reservoir
Primary outflows Dranse de Bagnes
Catchment area 113.5 km²
Basin countries Switzerland
Max. length 4.9 km
Surface area 2.08 km²
Max. depth 180 m
Surface elevation 1,961 m

Lac de Mauvoisin is a reservoir in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. The reservoir is formed by the Mauvoisin Dam, which is 250 m high. The dam is currently the 11th highest in the world, and the 6th highest arch dam. It was built in 1951–1957, and raised by 13.5 m in 1991.

The reservoir lies in the upper Val de Bagnes, between the massif of the Grand Combin, one of the highest mountains of the Alps, and La Ruinette. The highest peak visible from the lake is the Combin de la Tsessette (4,135 m).

Mauvoisin Dam, with Mont Blanc de Cheilon in the background
Dranse de Bagnes, a stream flowing from the Mauvoisin lake

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