Lac de Montbel

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Lac de Montbel
Lac de Montbel
Lac de Montbel
Coordinates 42°58′33″N 1°57′31″E / 42.97583°N 1.95861°E / 42.97583; 1.95861Coordinates: 42°58′33″N 1°57′31″E / 42.97583°N 1.95861°E / 42.97583; 1.95861
Type Reservoir
Built 1982 to 1985
Surface area 550 hectares (1,400 acres)
Max. depth 42 m (138 ft)
Water volume 60 million cubic metres (49,000 acre·ft; 16×10^9 US gal)

The Lac de Montbel is a reservoir 5 minutes from Chalabre, which is a popular location for watersports and swimming. It is located at Sainte-Colombe-sur-l'Hers on the border between the Ariège and Aude départements of southwestern France.

The flooded hillsides are still evident when the water level drops, revealing tree stumps and the thick sticky clay (marl) so typical of the Ariège. On quiet hot summer days the water takes on a beautiful turquoise colour which is very photogenic.

The area is relatively undeveloped and quiet and privacy are a great attraction. The mountains of the Pyrenees are visible in the background.

Other lakes for swimming near Montbel include Lac de la Cavayère and a smaller one at Pradelles-Cabardès.

The dam which created the reservoir was built between 1982 and 1985.[1]


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