Lac de Moron

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Lac de Moron
Lac de Moron.jpg
Location Canton of Neuchâtel (CH), Doubs department (F)
Coordinates 47°5′29″N 6°44′27″E / 47.09139°N 6.74083°E / 47.09139; 6.74083Coordinates: 47°5′29″N 6°44′27″E / 47.09139°N 6.74083°E / 47.09139; 6.74083
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Doubs River
Primary outflows Doubs River
Catchment area 911 km2 (352 sq mi)
Basin countries Switzerland, France
Max. length 3.3 km (2.1 mi)
Surface area 0.69 km2 (0.27 sq mi)
Max. depth 59 m (194 ft)
Water volume 20.6 million cubic metres (16,700 acre⋅ft)
Surface elevation 716 m (2,349 ft)

Lac de Moron is a reservoir formed by damming the Doubs River on the border of France and Switzerland. It can be reached from Les Planchettes or Les Brenets in the Canton of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and from Le Barboux in the Doubs department (France).

The reservoir has a volume of 20.6 million m³ and its surface area is 0.69 km2 (0.27 sq mi). The arch dam Châtelot was completed in 1953.

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