Lac du Val-Joly

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The dam and surrounding country at the Lac du Val-Joly

The Lac du Val-Joly is an artificial lake in France, constructed before the 1970s.

Located 2 km from the Belgian border, and close to Willies in the Nord département, 183m asl on the course of the Helpe Majeure, a tributary of the Sambre.

It was created with a dam to help regulate the flow of the Helpe Majeure, and also as a hydropower source, and as a source of water to cool the old thermal power station, Pont-sur-Sambre.

The lake has many species of fauna (some introduced by humans), and is currently classified as a Special Area of Conservation.


Coordinates: 50°06′54″N 4°08′07″E / 50.1151°N 4.1352°E / 50.1151; 4.1352