Lac la Biche (Alberta)

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Lac La Biche
Lac La Biche in Alberta
Lac La Biche is located in Alberta
Lac La Biche
Lac La Biche
LocationLac La Biche County, Alberta
Coordinates54°51′23″N 112°03′32″W / 54.85639°N 112.05889°W / 54.85639; -112.05889Coordinates: 54°51′23″N 112°03′32″W / 54.85639°N 112.05889°W / 54.85639; -112.05889
Primary inflowsOwl River
Primary outflowsLa Biche River
Basin countriesCanada
Max. length20.7 km (12.9 mi)
Max. width29.3 km (18.2 mi)
Surface area234 km2 (90 sq mi)
Average depth8.4 m (28 ft)
Max. depth21.3 m (70 ft)
Surface elevation544 m (1,785 ft)
SettlementsLac La Biche, Plamondon, Barnegat, Owl River

Lac La Biche (/ˌlæk lə ˈbɪʃ/ LAKBISH) is a large lake in north-central Alberta, Canada. It is located along the Northern Woods and Water Route, 95 km east of Athabasca. Lac La Biche has a total area of 236 km2 (91 sq mi),[1] including 3.2 km2 (1.2 sq mi) islands area.


The southern shore seen from Lac La Biche.

The indigenous peoples of the area refer to the lake as Elk Lake (Cree: wâwâskesiwisâkahikan,[2] Chipewyan: tzalith tway).[3] Since the lake shares its name with the town, locals often use the redundant name "Lac La Biche Lake".


Owl River flows into the lake, and its waters are drained through the La Biche River and into the Athabasca River, placing it in the basin that flows to the Arctic Ocean. Just to the south is Beaver Lake which drains into Hudson Bay.


The former town and population centre of Lac La Biche is located on the southern shore of the lake. The communities of Plamondon, Barnegat and Owl River are also located around Lac La Biche.


Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park is located on an island of the lake.


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