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Lacedaemonius (Greek: Λακεδαιμόνιος)[n 1] was an Athenian general, the son of Cimon of the Philaid clan.[3] Like his father and grandfather (the famous Miltiades) Lacedaemonius was a general and served Athens, notably in the naval Battle of Sybota against the Corinthians in 433 BC. His name comes from Lacedaemon, another name for the city state of Sparta. Cimon so admired the Spartans he showed them a sign of goodwill by naming his son after their city.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The most ancient attestation of this word in Greek, referring as an ethnonym to the Spartans, is the Mycenaean Linear B 𐀨𐀐𐀅𐀖𐀛𐀍, ra-ke-da-mi-ni-jo, found on many tablets at Thebes, e.g. on the TH Fq 229 tablet.[1][2]
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