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According to the Book of Mormon, Lachoneus (/ləˈkniəs/)[1] was the chief judge of the Nephites during the time of the birth of Christ, or AD 1, the 92nd year of the reign of the judges. His reign started at a date unknown but not earlier than about 23-20 BC, the approximate time of the assassination of chief judge Cezoram (3 Nephi 1:1).

No record of his life prior to the year AD 16 exists. In this year Giddianhi, leader of the band of Gadianton robbers at the time, sent Lachoneus a letter demanding that the Nephites surrender or be destroyed. Lachoneus rejected the demands and began preparations for war. He commanded his people to gather together in one place and there build fortifications against the robbers, appointed captains including Gidgiddoni, "great commander all the armies of the Nephites," and preached repentance (3 Nephi 3). The people accepted his leadership and counsel, and the Nephites were eventually victorious (3 Nephi 6:6).

Lachoneus died about AD 30 and was succeeded by his son, also named Lachoneus.

Preceded by
unknown; eventually Seezoram
Chief Judge of the Nephites
from before the 91st year of the reign of the judges, or AD 1, to about the year AD 29
Succeeded by
Lachoneus, son of Lachoneus

Lachoneus II, son of Lachoneus[edit]

Lachoneus II, son of the above Lachoneus, succeeded his father as chief judge. He reigned for one year before the king-men assassinated him as part of an attempt to establish a monarchy. The monarchy was never established nor a new judge instated; the central government instead crumbled to be replaced by a tribal structure (3 Nephi 6:19, 7:1-4).

Lachoneus II is the last Nephite ruler specifically identified in the Book of Mormon.

Preceded by
Lachoneus I
Chief Judge of the Nephites
AD 30
Last known Nephite ruler


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