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Location Saxon Switzerland, Saxony,  Germany
Length 3.0 km (1.9 mi), with the Polenz 34.3 km (21.3 mi)dep1 [1]
Start Confluence of the Sebnitz and the Polenz near Porschdorf
50°56′36″N 14°08′06″E / 50.9432°N 14.1349°E / 50.9432; 14.1349Coordinates: 50°56′36″N 14°08′06″E / 50.9432°N 14.1349°E / 50.9432; 14.1349
Source height 142 m above sea level (NHN)
Mouth near Wendischfähre into the Elbe
50°55′26″N 14°07′48″E / 50.9238°N 14.1299°E / 50.9238; 14.1299
Mouth height 127.8 m above sea level (NHN)
Descent 14.2 m
Basin Elbe
Progression Elbe → North Sea
Catchment 269 km² [1]
at Porschdorf I gauge
Average low:    860 l/s
Average mid:   3.02 m³/s
Average high: 30.8 m³/s

The Lachsbach, also called the Rathmannsdorfer Bach, is the largest, right-hand tributary of the Elbe in Saxon Switzerland.


The Lachsbach is formed by the merger of its headstreams, the Sebnitz (left, about half the size) and Polenz (right, rather longer) in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains near Porschdorf. The combined confluence section of the two rivers was first recorded in 1543 as die beyde wasser ("the two waters"), a description no longer common today. After only 3 kilometres, the Lachsbach empties into the Elbe above Prossen's winter port near Wendischfähre.


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