Lachung Monastery

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Lachung Gompa
Lachung Monastery is located in Sikkim
Lachung Monastery
Lachung Monastery
Location within India
Coordinates 27°37′00″N 88°39′00″E / 27.61667°N 88.65°E / 27.61667; 88.65
Monastery information
Location Sikkim, India
Founded 1880
Type Tibetan Buddhist
Sect Nyingma

Lachung Monastery is a Nyingma[1][2] Buddhist gompa in the Lachung Valley, Sikkim, northeastern India. It was established in 1880.[3]

Lachung means a 'small mountain'. Lachung is at an elevation of about 3,000 m (9,600 ft) at the confluence of the Lachen River and Lachung River, tributaries of the Teesta River. The word Lachung means "small mountain". The village is 118 km from Gangtok on the North Sikkim Highway and is the last one before the Indo-Chinese border. It was a trading post between India and Tibet before China forcefuly annexed Tibet in 1950. Permits are required for visits to North Sikkim. The monastery hosts a famous mask dance each year.[4]


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