Lachy Sądeckie

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Traditional dress of the Lachy Sądeckie in the Nowy Sacz Ethnographic Park (open-air museum)
A preserved home of the rural poor in the Ethnographic Park
Kotlina Sądecka

Lachy Sądeckie [ˈlaxɨ ˈsɔndɛt͡skʲɛ] are a group of ethnic Poles who live in southern Lesser Poland. They are associated with the territory of Sądecczyzna (also known as Ziemia sądecka), especially Nowy Sącz County, Kotlina Sądecka, and parts of Pogórze Karpackie (Carpathian Uplands) and Beskid Sądecki.

Lachy is the plural of Lach, a term for ethnic Poles. Lach is ultimately derived from the name of the ancient Polish tribe of Lendians. Sądeckie is an adjective referring to the region where they live.

Lachy Sądeckie culture is featured in Muzeum Lachów Sądeckich in Podegrodzie, Lesser Poland Voivodeship and Sądecki Ethnographic Park (open-air museum) in Nowy Sącz.