Lackawanna Coal Mine

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Lackawanna Coal Mine
Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour sign IMG 1553.JPG
Location Bald Mountain Rd, McDade Park, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 41°25′00″N 75°42′55″W / 41.416670°N 75.715215°W / 41.416670; -75.715215Coordinates: 41°25′00″N 75°42′55″W / 41.416670°N 75.715215°W / 41.416670; -75.715215
Type Mining / Industrial history
Website Lackawanna Coal Mine
Mantrip car which carries visitors into the mine

The Lackawanna Coal Mine is a museum and retired coal mine located in McDade Park in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Visitors board a mine car and descend the #190 slope into the Clark Vein of coal. At the foot of the shaft the visitors begin an hour-long guided tour through the main gangway of the mine and stop at various points to discuss different aspects of the anthracite mining industry. Visitors then leave the Clark Vein via a rock tunnel and stop in the Dunmore #1 Vein. Once in the Dunmore #1, transportation and mining in a fault room are discussed. As the tour continues down the rock tunnel the group stops at the peg shanty to meet the fire boss and discuss his role in mining operations. The tour then continues on to the Dunmore #2 Vein and discusses working in small veins of coal, air doors and their role in ventilation, door boys or nippers, second means of exit from the mine and company store. The tour concludes where the miners ended their final days within the mine in November 1966.

The tour is open seven days a week from April 1 to November 30 and is closed only on Thanksgiving Day. Temperatures within the mine are around a constant of 50–54 °F (10–12 °C).

Adjacent to the mine tour is the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum with exhibits on Northeastern Pennsylvania's mining and industrial history. The address of the mine is at Bald Mountain Rd, Scranton, PA 18504

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