Lacrosse at the 1908 Summer Olympics

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Men's lacrosse
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
1908 Olympics Lacrosse 1.jpg
Patrick Brennan goes for a ground ball.
Venue White City Stadium
Date October 24
Competitors 33 from 2 nations
1st, gold medalist(s)  Canada
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Great Britain
← 1904
1928 (demonstration) →

A field lacrosse game was played between Canada and Great Britain at the 1908 Summer Olympics. The game marked the second appearance of lacrosse at the Olympics, the first being at the 1904 Summer Olympics. Only two teams competed — one fewer than in 1904. South Africa was slated to send a team but then withdrew prior to the tournament.[1]

Both teams held try-outs to select the players to represent their country. The game was tied 9-9 in the fourth period, before Canada scored 5 straight goals to pull ahead. Canada won 14-10 to earn their second of two gold medals, the only lacrosse gold medals given out in the Olympic Games.[1][2]

Medal table[edit]

Position Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Canada 1 0 0 1
2  Great Britain 0 1 0 1


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's tournament  Canada (CAN)
Frank Dixon
George Campbell
Angus Dillon
Richard Louis Duckett
George Rennie
Clarence McKerrow
Alexander Turnbull
Henry Hoobin
Ernest Hamilton
John Broderick
Tommy Gorman
Patrick Brennan (Capt.)
D. McLeod
A. Mara
J. Fyon
 Great Britain (GBR)
Gustav Alexander
George Buckland
Eric Dutton
S. N. Hayes
Wilfrid Johnson
Edward Jones
Reginald Martin
Gerald Mason
Johnson Parker-Smith
Hubert Ramsey (Capt.)
Charles Scott
Norman Whitley
C. J. Mason
F. S. Johnson
V. G. Gilbey
H. Shorrocks
J. Alexander
L. Blockey



The Canadian team cheering after their win.
October 24 Great Britain 10 - 14 Canada White City
(1 - 5)
(2 - 6)
(7 - 9)
Scoring summary
  • FIRST QUARTER (5-1): Canada: Brennan (2), Turnbull, unknown (2); England: Buckland
  • SECOND QUARTER: (6-2) Canada: unknown; England: Jones
  • THIRD QUARTER (9-7): Canada: Turnbull (2), unknown; England: Jones (2), Buckland (3)
  • FOURTH QUARTER (14-10): Canada: Brennan (3), Gorman (2); England: Jones, unknown (2)[1]

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