Lacs de Maclu

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Grand Lac Maclu
Panorama des quatre lacs.jpg
Location Jura department, Franche-Comté
Coordinates 46°37′31.3″N 5°54′26.8″E / 46.625361°N 5.907444°E / 46.625361; 5.907444 (Grand Lac Maclu)
Basin countries France
Max. length 1.1 km
Max. width 300 m
Surface area 0.21 km²
Max. depth 24 m
Surface elevation 779 m
Settlements Le Frasnois

Lacs de Maclu (or Lacs de Maclus) are two lakes at Le Frasnois in the Jura department of France.

The Grand Lac Maclu has a surface area of 21 ha and a length of 1.1 km with a maximum width of 300 m. Its maximum depth is 24 m. The lake is located in the municipalities of Le Frasnois and La Chaux-du-Dombief.

Petit Lac Maclu is located northeast of the former and has a surface area of 5 ha with a length of 500 m and a maximum width of 120 m. Its maximum depth is 11 m. The lake is located in with the municipality of Le Frasnois.