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TypePrivate company
IndustryDairy products
Predecessorla société Besnier
Founded19 October 1933; 90 years ago (1933-10-19)
FounderAndré Besnier
Key people
Emmanuel Besnier, CEO
ProductsCheese, butter, milk
Revenue€19.96 billion (2019)
€318 million (2019)
OwnerBesnier family via Belgian holding company BSA International SA
Number of employees

Lactalis is a French multinational dairy products corporation, owned by the Besnier family and based in Laval, Mayenne, France.[1] The company's former name was Besnier SA.[1]

Lactalis is the largest dairy products group in the world, and is the second largest food products group in France, behind Danone.[2] It owns brands such as Parmalat, Président, Siggi's Dairy, Skånemejerier, Rachel's Organic, and Stonyfield Farm.[3]


Galbani mozzarella with cherry tomatoes.

André Besnier started a small cheesemaking company in 1933 and launched its Président brand of Camembert in 1968. In 1990, it acquired Group Bridel (2,300 employees, 10 factories, fourth-largest French dairy group) with a presence in 60 countries. In 1992, it acquired United States cheese company Sorrento. In 1999, la société Besnier became le groupe Lactalis owned by Belgian holding company BSA International SA. In 2006, they bought Italian group Galbani, and in 2008, bought Swiss cheesemaker Baer. They bought Italian group Parmalat in a 2011 2.5B € takeover after its bankruptcy and have since sought to delist it. In 2013, the Sorrento and Precious brands in the US were renamed Galbani, and the Sorrento Lactalis division was renamed Lactalis American Group.

In 2007, the French Institut National des Appellations d'Origine, which administers AOC (L'appellation d'origine contrôlée) designations for French food products, refused to permit Lactalis and the dairy cooperative, Isigny-Sainte-Mère, to sell pasteurized Camembert as "true Camembert". As of 2007, these two companies represented between 80 and 90% of Normandy Camembert sales.[4] In 2018, the INAO announced it would relax restrictions and create a new designation to include pasteurized Camembert in 2021.[5]

Lactilis acquired the southern Swedish dairy company, Skånemejerier, in February 2012.

In May 2015, Lactalis acquired an 80% stake in Turkish dairy Ak Gida, a subsidiary of Yildiz Holding.[6][7][8][9]

In July 2017 it was announced that Groupe Danone had agreed to sell its Stonyfield Farm subsidiary to Lactalis for $875 Million[10] to avoid anti-trust claims and to clear the way for Danone's acquisition of U.S. organic food producer WhiteWave Foods.[11]

In December 2017, Lactalis announced the acquisition of dairy company Itambé.[12]

In January 2018, Lactalis announced it had agreed to purchase the skyr producer Siggi's Dairy, which will continue to be run independently.[13]

In October 2018, Lactalis announced the acquisition of Nestlé Malaysia's chilled dairy business unit for approximately $40 million.[14]

Lactalis's Indian subsidiary Tirumala Milk Products said that it would acquire Prabhat's dairy business for ₹17 Billion. This will be Lactalis's third acquisition in India.[15]

On 15 September 2020, Groupe Lactalis announced an agreement to acquire Kraft Heinz's natural cheese operations in North America and internationally for $3.2 billion.[16] The Department of Justice ruled that Lactalis must divest the Athenos and Polly-O cheese brands.[17]

In April 2023, Lactalis American Group announced an investment of $32 million to construct a new whey-processing facility in South Buffalo, boosting its production of the ingredient by 30%.[18]


Owned by the Belgian holding company BSA International SA, which is controlled by the Besnier family that founded Lactalis, Lactalis in 2015 had global revenues of 16.5 billion euros. Lactalis employs 75,000 people worldwide, at 237 production sites in 43 countries.[19] The headquarters for Lactalis American Group, Inc. is located in Buffalo, New York.


In August 2016, farmers blockaded the company HQ in the French city of Laval, protesting what they saw as price fixing.[20]

In January 2018, the company had to withdraw 12 million boxes of baby formula due to a salmonella contamination. They were accused of trying to hide the initial discovery of contamination, which led to the crisis.[21][22][23]

In 2020 allegations were made that 38 of Lactalis's production plants in France had breached environmental regulations, and had been doing so for a number of years. Lactalis stated it had invested €60 million in improving wastewater treatment plants.[24]

In February 2023, Lactalis Group and Celia Laiterie de Craon, a company linked to the group, were charged with aggravated deception, involuntary injuries and non-execution of withdrawal and recall measures in a five-year-old case where babies were diagnosed with salmonellosis after consuming the French dairy group's infant milk products, with both firms placed under judicial supervision with a bond of €300,000 ($320,509) each.[25]

In July 2023, Lactalis Australia was fined A$950,000 by the Federal Court for breaching the Dairy Code of Conduct in 2020.[26]


The group operates in eight divisions:

  • Lactalis cheeses with President – Rouy  • Lepetit  • Bridélight  • Galbani  • Rondelé  • Munster's Little Friends
  • Lactalis Butter & Creams with President – Bridélice  • Bridélight  • Primrose
  • Lactel with Awakening – Day after day  • Morning Light
  • Lactalis AOC with Pochat – Istara  • Beulet  • Salakis  • Lanquetot  • Roquefort Société  • Golden Ball  • Lou Pérac  • The Ruby  • Raguin  • The Stone Bridge
  • Lactalis consumption AFH with President – Society  • Bridel  • Locatelli
  • Lactalis industry with BBA – Calciane  • Prolacta
  • Tendriade Veal with Tendriade – Eurovo  • Voréal
  • Lactalis International with President – Sorrento  • Valbreso  • Galbani  • Sorrento  • Locatelli  • Invernizzi
  • LNUF with The Milkmaid – Yoco  • Flanby  • Sveltesse  • Vienna  • Greek Yogurt  • Kremly  • BA  • Fold

Lactalis owns 198 industrial sites in 55 countries including the US, Romania, Poland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia ("სანტე" brand), United Kingdom, Australia and as of 2011, Canada and South Africa. Lactalis mostly produces yogurt, butter, cheese, powdered milk, baby formula and milk drinks.

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