Lactose permease

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LacY proton/sugar symporter
Crystal Structure of Lactose Permease in Complex with an Affinity Inactivator. PDB 2y5y[1]
Symbol LacY_symp
Pfam PF01306
Pfam clan CL0015
InterPro IPR022814
TCDB 2.A.1
OPM superfamily 15
OPM protein 2cfq

Lactose permease is a membrane protein which is a member of the major facilitator superfamily. Lactose permease can be classified as a symporter, which uses the proton gradient towards the cell to transport β-galactosides such as lactose in the same direction into the cell.

The protein has twelve transmembrane alpha-helices and its molecular weight is 45,000 Daltons.[2] It exhibits an internal two-fold symmetry, relating the N-terminal six helices onto the C-terminal helices. It is encoded by the lacY gene in the lac operon.

The sugar lies in the hydrophilic core of the protein which is accessible from the periplasm.[2] On binding, a large conformational change takes place which makes the sugar binding site accessible from the cytoplasm.

Mechanism: hydrogen from the outside of the cell binds to a carboxyl group on the enzyme that allows it to undergo a conformational change. This form of lactose permease can bind lactose from outside the cell. The enzyme then everts and lactose is transported inward.

The X-ray crystal structure was first solved in 2003 by J. Abramson et al. [3]


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