Lacui Formation

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Lacui Formation
Stratigraphic range: Serravallian
~13.8–11.8 Ma
TypeGeological formation
OverliesAncud Volcanic Complex
Coordinates41°50′S 74°00′W / 41.833°S 74.000°W / -41.833; -74.000Coordinates: 41°50′S 74°00′W / 41.833°S 74.000°W / -41.833; -74.000
RegionChiloé Island (Los Lagos Region)
Country Chile
Type section
Named forLacuy Peninsula
Named byValenzuela
Year defined1982
Lacui Formation is located in Chile
Lacui Formation
Lacui Formation (Chile)

Lacui Formation (Spanish: Formación Lacui) is a marine Miocene sedimentary formation located in Chiloé Island with minor outcrops near Carelmapu on the mainland.[1][2] Gastropod shells are the most common macrofossils of Lacui Formation.[2] According to Sernageomin (1998) the formation dates to the earliest Serravallian — that is the Middle Miocene.[2]

South of Lacui Formation there are equivalent sedimentary rocks in the islands of Ipún, Lemo and Stoke.[3]

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