Lacus Gaudii

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Lacus Gaudii
Lacus Gaudii
Coordinates 16°12′N 12°36′E / 16.2°N 12.6°E / 16.2; 12.6Coordinates: 16°12′N 12°36′E / 16.2°N 12.6°E / 16.2; 12.6
Diameter 113 km
Eponym Lake of Delight

Lacus Gaudii (Latin for "Lake of Delight") is a small lunar mare in the Terra Nivium region of the Moon.[1] It is located at 16.2° N, 12.6° E and is 113 km in diameter. The land lake borders with Lacus Hiemalis surrounding a small mountain formation in the middle, also in that location is a larger mountainous formation nearly surrounded by the small plain. Further south is Lacus Lenitatis and narrowing bordering to the west is Lacus Doloris. In that eastern corridor lies next to Montes Haemus and just about 10 km away is Mare Serenitatis, the terrain in between are small mountains. Southeast of the corridor is the crater Daubrée and the more prominent Menelaus.

West of the lake is the prominent crater Manilius. Inside the lake is Manilus' satellite crater lettered A in the eastern end and Z located in the middle.


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