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Ladakhi old man.jpg
Ladakhi man at Shey Monastery, Leh
Regions with significant populations
India (Ladakh)15,000 (2011)[1]
China (Tibet)12,000 (1995)[2]
Pakistan (Baltistan)900 (2019)[3][4]
Ladakhi language
Buddhism symbol.PNG Buddhism
Om.svg Hinduism
Star and Crescent.svg Shia Islam
Related ethnic groups
Tibetan people, Balti people, other Tibetic peoples

Ladakhis or Ladakhi people or Ladakspa are an ethnic group and first-language speakers of the Ladakhi language living in the Ladakh region in the northernmost part of Jammu Kashmir and Tibet in China.[5][6] A small number of Ladakhis are also found in Baltistan, Pakistan.[7]



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tibetan buddhist monasteries ladakh zanskar Kargil nubra valley


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