Ladalen Station

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Ladalen holdeplass 3.JPG
Location LadeTrondheim
Coordinates 63°26′22″N 10°27′15″E / 63.43944°N 10.45417°E / 63.43944; 10.45417Coordinates: 63°26′22″N 10°27′15″E / 63.43944°N 10.45417°E / 63.43944; 10.45417
Owned by Norwegian National Rail Administration
Line(s) Nordland Line
Distance 2.91 km (1.81 mi)
Platforms One island
Tracks Single
Opened 29 May 1989 (1989-05-29)
Closed 15 June 2008 (2008-06-15)

Ladalen Station (Norwegian: Ladalen holdeplass) is a disused railway station on the Nordland Line located in Trondheim, Norway serving the area of Lade. The station was serviced by the local trains Trøndelag Commuter Rail operated by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). The station opened in 1989, and was closed on 15 June 2008,[1] when a bridge at Leangen Station allowed access to the north side of the tracks. It served what is primarily an industrial area. The station was located west of Lilleby and east of Leangen.


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