Lade Mansion

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Lade Mansion
Lade gård
Main building at Lade gård from 2013
General information
Architectural styleEmpire style
Town or cityTrondheim, Norway
CompletedLate 9th century (establishment)
1810 (current building)
ClientHilmar Meincke Krohg
OwnerKing of Norway
Jarls of Lade
Norwegian College of General Sciences
Reitan Group

Lade Manor (Norwegian: Lade gård or Lade Gaard) is the site of one of the historic farms of Norway. It is located in the community of Lade outside the city of Trondheim.[1]

Lade was traditionally the seat of the Earls of Lade (ladejarler), who ruled Trøndelag and Hålogaland from the 9th century to the 11th century. During the reign of King Harald Fairhair, Lade became one of the royal residences. After the introduction of Christianity in Norway, the property was subject to use by the Bakke Abbey. It became Crown land after the Protestant Reformation.[2] [3]

The present buildings were erected in 1811 at the direction of Hilmar Meincke Krohg. The property was purchased by the City of Trondheim in 1917. Over the years, the site housed the Norwegian College of General Sciences and the premises were used by Social Academy in Trondheim (Sosialhøgskolen, Trondheim).[4] [5]

In 1992, Reitan Group bought the property from the municipality. Under their direction, the buildings were restored. Reitan Group’s cultural and financial center currently occupies the site.[6]


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