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LADECO Logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded November 1, 1958
Ceased operations 1994 (taken over by LanChile)
Focus cities
Fleet size 15
Destinations 49
Company slogan

Chilean Airlines
(Aerolíneas Chilenas)

"El gusto de servir"
(The Pleasure to Serve)
Headquarters Santiago de Chile

Ladeco was a former Chilean airline; Ladeco is the acronym of "Línea Aérea Del Cobre" or the "Airline of Copper," in reference to the principal Chilean export.[1]


A Ladeco Boeing 707-321B at Miami International Airport. (1989)

Ladeco began operations in 1958 flying mostly internal routes between Chile's major cities and some international routes, and continued to run services until 1994 when LanChile (currently called LAN Airlines) bought over 99% of the shares and merged Ladeco into its fleet. At the time of takeover, Ladeco was equipped mainly with Boeing 737 aircraft as well as some Boeing 727s and Boeing 757s. Ladeco then became exclusively an internal carrier between Chilean cities. Its name has since disappeared and most internal routes are covered by an affiliate of LAN Airlines called LAN Express. The airline's fleet included 20 Boeing 737-200, 7 Boeing 727, 4 BAC-111, 4 Boeing 707, 6 Douglas DC-6 B, 2 Boeing 757, 2 Douglas DC-8, 1 Airbus A300, 2 Boeing 737-300 and two Fokker 27 500 aircraft (Reg. CC CIS and CC CIT). and in the ´60s, numerous Douglas DC 3; Cargo fleet includes 3 Boeing 707 aircraft.[2]


International Destinations:

Accidents and incidents[edit]

On 8 April 1968, Douglas C-49K CC-CBM crashed on approach to Balmaceda Airport killing all 36 people on board. The aircraft was operating a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Los Cerrillos Airport, Santiago.[3]


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