Lademoen Church

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Lademoen Church
Lademoen kirke
Lademoen Church Trondheim 2009 1.JPG
View of the church
Lademoen Church is located in Trøndelag
Lademoen Church
Lademoen Church
Location of the church
Lademoen Church is located in Norway
Lademoen Church
Lademoen Church
Lademoen Church (Norway)
63°26′14″N 10°25′49″E / 63.4371°N 10.4303°E / 63.4371; 10.4303Coordinates: 63°26′14″N 10°25′49″E / 63.4371°N 10.4303°E / 63.4371; 10.4303
LocationTrondheim, Trøndelag
DenominationChurch of Norway
ChurchmanshipEvangelical Lutheran
StatusParish church
Consecrated15 Nov 1905
Functional statusActive
Architect(s)Ole Stein
Architectural typeCruciform
StyleArt Nouveau
MaterialsStone and brick
ParishBakklandet og Lademoen
DeaneryNidaros domprosti

Lademoen Church (Norwegian: Lademoen kirke) is a parish church in Trondheim municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the Lademoen area of the city of Trondheim, immediately north of the old European route E6 highway. It is one of the churches for the Bakklandet og Lademoen parish which is part of the Nidaros domprosti (arch-deanery) in the Diocese of Nidaros. The stone-and-brick Art Nouveau church was built in a cruciform style in 1905 by the architect Ole Stein. The church seats about 500 people, making it the second-largest church in Trondheim. The building was consecrated on 15 November 1905.[1][2][3][4]

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