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Ladha is a subdivision in South Waziristan, in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, located between Wanna and Razmak. Just south of Ladha is the village of Kaniguram, and to the north is the small town of Makin.


Ladha is considered a Taliban stronghold. In November 2009, the Pakistani army launched an attack on Ladha, which killed 30 militants and wounded eight soldiers.[1] Another attack by the Pakistani army killed 37 militants and 5 soldiers.[2] A mine blast on a road in Ladha killed two and injured nine.[3][4] A drone attack by the United States targeting the base of a Taliban leader killed 27 people in Ladha.[5] In November 2009, the Pakistani Army captured Ladha from the Taliban.[6]


During the early part of World War II the Queen's Royal Regiment was stationed there.


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