Latji-Latji language

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Ladji Ladji
RegionNew South Wales, Victoria
Native speakers
10 (2005)[1]
  • Kulinic
    • Wemba-Wemba[2]
      • Madhi–Ladji–Wadi
        • Ladji Ladji
Language codes
ISO 639-3llj

Ladji Ladji (Ledji-Ledji) is a moribund Australian Aboriginal language once widely spoken in New South Wales and Victoria by the Latjilatji (or Ladji Ladji) people.

Ladji Ladji is part of the Kulin branch of the Pama–Nyungan family of languages, which were spoken by the majority of Australian Aborigines before Australia's colonisation by the British Empire.

The Ladji Ladji[4] lived on the Murray River at Mildura Victoria. White settlement of Mildura occurred in 1847 and in 1855, the Church of England Society[vague] founded the Old Pooncarie Mission located eight kilometres west of Pooncarie Township on the Darling River.


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