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Lado a Lado
Lado a Lado header.png
Created by
  • João Ximenes Braga
  • Claudia Lage
Directed by
  • Dennis Carvalho
  • Vinicíus Coimbra
Opening theme "Liberdade! Liberdade! Abra as Asas sobre Nós" by Imperatriz Leopoldinense
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 151
105 (international version)
Location(s) Brazil
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 35–43 minutes
Original network Rede Globo
Picture format (HDTV) 1080i
Original release 10 September 2012 – 8 March 2013
Preceded by Amor Eterno Amor
Followed by Flor do Caribe
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Lado a Lado (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈladw ɐ ˈlaðu]; Side by Side) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo from 10 September 2012 to 8 March 2013. It is created by João Ximenes Braga and Claudia Lage, with Chico Soares, Douglas Tourinho, Fernando Rebello, Vellego Jackie, Nina Crintzs and Maria Camargo credited as co-writer. Gilberto Braga serves as the script supervisor and, directed by Dennis Carvalho and Vinicius Coimbra.

The plot revolves around two women from different social classes and race, during the period of abolishment of slavery in early 20th century. On its premise, the show had a large ensemble of around fifty actors credited in the opening sequence. It stars Lázaro Ramos, Camila Pitanga, Thiago Fragoso, Marjorie Estiano, Caio Blat, Alessandra Negrini, Maria Fernanda Cândido and Patricia Pillar who portrays the show's primary antagonist.

In November 2013, Lado a Lado was prized as Best telenovela in the 2013 Emmy International.[1]


Set in Rio de Janeiro's beginning of the 20th century, Lado a Lado tells the story of a friendship between two women:Isabel (Camila Pitanga), descendent of a poor slave, and Laura (Marjorie Estiano), a white girl, daughter of a baroness. Despite their very different origins and backgrounds, the two girls become very close while aspiring to a future of equality between men and women, and between black and white people. They meet on their wedding day and build a friendship capable of shaking the tree of Constância (Patrícia Pillar), Laura's mother, a baroness who refuses to accept the innovations of the twentieth century and the change of the country into a republic.[2][3][4][5]


Actor Character[6]
Camila Pitanga Isabel Nascimento (artistic pseudonym: Isabelle, la Brésilienne)
Lázaro Ramos Zé Maria dos Santos (pseudonym: Zé Navalha)'
Marjorie Estiano Laura Assunção Vieira (journalistic pseudonym: Paulo Lima)
Patrícia Pillar Constância Camargo Assunção (Baronesa da Boa Vista)
Thiago Fragoso Edgar Lemos Vieira (journalistic pseudonym: Antônio Ferreira)
Alessandra Negrini Catarina Ribeiro
Sheron Menezzes Berenice
Zezeh Barbosa Tia Jurema
Milton Gonçalves Seu Afonso Nascimento
Rafael Cardoso Alberto Camargo Assunção Filho (Albertinho)
Caio Blat Fernando Lemos Vieira
Maria Padilha Diva Celeste
Maria Clara Gueiros Neusinha Soares (artistic pseudonym: Jacqueline Duvivier)
Paulo Betti Mário Cavalcanti
Cássio Gabus Mendes Bonifácio Vieira
Isabela Garcia Célia Camargo (Celinha)
Débora Duarte Eulália Praxedes
Werner Schünemann Dr. Alberto Assunção


Two albums with music from the telenovela were released by Som Livre. One containing the national soundtrack, was released in November 2012,[7] and the second one, containing the instrumental soundtrack, was released in February 2013.[8]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Date of ceremony Award Category Recipients and nominees Result
November 25, 2013[9] International Emmy Awards Telenovela Lado a Lado Won
November 12, 2013[10][11] Prêmio Extra de Televisão Best Makeup Lado a Lado Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Patrícia Pillar Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Lázaro Ramos Nominated
Thiago Fragoso Nominated
Best Costume Design Beth Filipecki and Renaldo Machado Won
Best Telemovela Lado a Lado Nominated
April 24, 2013[12] Prêmio Camélia da Liberdade Medium Vehicle Lado a Lado Won
March 17, 2013[13][14] Melhores do Ano - Teledossiê Best Telenovela Lado a Lado Nominated
Best Actress Marjorie Estiano Nominated
Patrícia Pillar Nominated
Best Actor Thiago Fragoso Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Isabela Garcia Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Caio Blat Nominated
Best Kid Actor Cauê Campos Won
Best Direction Dennis Carvalho and Vinícius Coimbra Nominated
Best Author João Ximenes Braga and Cláudia Lage Nominated
December 6, 2012[15] Prêmio CGP Best Costume Beth Filipecki Won
Best Scenography Mario Monteiro and Fabio Rangel Won
December 31, 2012[16][17] Prêmio Noveleiros Best Couple Edgar and Laura Won
Most Jealous Character Berenice Won
Fernando Nominated
Best Vilan Constância Nominated
Catarina Nominated
Best Telenovela Lado a Lado Nominated
Best Actress Patrícia Pillar Nominated
May 13, 2013[18][19] Prêmio Contigo! de Televisão Best Actor Thiago Fragoso Nominated
Best Actress Marjorie Estiano Nominated
Best Child Actor Cauê Campos Nominated
Best Telenovela Author Claudia Lages and João Ximenes Braga Nominated
Best Telenovela Director Denis Carvalho and Vinícius Coimbra Nominated
Best Telenovela Lado a Lado Nominated
December 2, 2013[20] Retrospectiva UOL Best Telenovela Lado a Lado Nominated
Best Actress Marjorie Estiano Nominated
Patrícia Pillar Nominated
Best Actor Lázaro Ramos Nominated
Best Vilan Constância Nominated
Best Couple Isabel e Zé Maria Nominated
December 28, 2012[21] Melhores de TV Press Best Author João Ximenes Braga and Claudia Lages Won
Best Photography Walter Carvalho Won
March 19, 2013[22][23] Prêmio Quem de Televisão Best Actor Thiago Fragoso Nominated
December 9, 2013[24][25] Troféu APCA Best Actor Lázaro Ramos Nominated

Main Themes[edit]

  • Laura (Marjorie Estiano) and Isabel's (Camila Pitanga) story had discussions about sexism, female emancipation and sexual freedom of women.[26][27][28]
  • Laura and Edgar's (Thiago Fragoso) divorce at the beginning of the twentieth century.[29][30][31][32][33]
  • The drama of illegitimate children, represented by Isabel and Albertinho (Rafael Cardoso), Edgar and Catarina (Alessandra Negrini) and other characters.[34][35]
  • The prejudice suffered by single mothers (as Isabel and Catarina) and divorced women (as Laura), and social and cultural inclusion of lower classes and African descent, as José Maria (Lázaro Ramos) and Isabel, after the end of the slavery and monarchy.[36][37]
  • Sexual harassment and attempted rape of Laura.[38][39]
  • Discussions on religious freedom and inclusion of African-Brazilian culture (samba, capoeira, candomblé), as Tia Jurema (Zezé Barbosa), Isabel and José Maria.[40][41][42][43]
  • The admission of Laura in a sanatorium, for being studious and oppositional.[44][45][46][47]
  • The origin of soccer in Brazil by the elite, and the exclusion of the lower classes.[48][49][50]

Historical Inspirations[edit]

International broadcast[edit]

Lado a Lado was licensed to CCTV. The deal marks a significant move, given the notorious difficulty of market penetration in China for foreign TV productions. It also strengthens Globo’s close relationship with CCTV, which previously acquired further Globo programming such as classic telenovela Escrava Isaura and mini-series Mulher.[56]


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