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The Ladue School District is a public school district in Ladue, Missouri, with four elementary, one middle, and one high school, with a special Fifth Grade Center. The district serves 4,180 total students, and employs 280 full-time classroom teachers.[1] The total operating revenue is $49.9 mil. with $50.2 mil. operating expensses.[2] Ladue spends $11,903 per student, and pays an average of $62,697 per teacher ($41,000-$101,542).[1] According to Newsweek (June 19, 2011 issue), Ladue ranks in the top 2% of public schools in the nation.[1] It serves an area encompassing 19 sq. mi. with more than 27,000 residents.[1] It includes all or part of 10 communities including Ladue, Creve Coeur, Crystal Lake Park, Frontenac, Huntleigh, Olivette, Richmond Heights, Town and Country, Unincorporated St. Louis County, and Westwood.[3]


Ladue Horton Watkins High School[edit]

Ladue High School has 1,306 students in the 2013-14 school year.[1] Ladue High School has a 99% graduation rate, of which 92% continue on to higher education in 2-4 year institutions.[4] In standardized testing, Ladue scores above both the state and national average.[1] Newsweek in 2013, ranked the public school 166th best in the nation (up from 188th in 2011-12), and first in Missouri (up from fourth).[4]

Student activities[edit]


  • Superintendent: Dr. Donna Jahnke [6]
  • Principal: Brad Griffith (effective July 1, 2013) [7]
  • Associate Principal: Brad Griffith (left to become Principal effective July 1, 2013)
  • Assistant Principal: Mike Tarpey
  • Assistant Principal & Interim Athletics Director: Brian Garner
  • Assistant Principal: Kurt Knoedelseder

Distinguished alumni/ae[edit]

  • Les Blattner '54: investigative reporter and author, expert on airline and manned spacecraft safety
  • Rod Susman '58: professional tennis star
  • Jim Brown '58: politician and former Louisiana State Senator, Secretary of State and State Insurance Commissioner
  • Andy Russell '59: Seven Time Pro Bowl NFL Football Player (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Tom Houston '63 Deputy Mayor & Chief of Staff, City of Los Angeles
  • Jimmy Kolker '66: US Ambassador (Uganda)
  • Margaret Gillerman '70: journalist with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Bill Moll '74: Internationally respected Luthier and Voice Over Actor
  • Marty Hogan '76: 5 time World Racquetball Champion
  • Jasmine Huda '97: Local TV news reporter for KSDK Channel 5, and more recently KMOV Channel 4
  • Justin Willman '98: actor, celebrity, magician and entertainer. Currently the host of Food Network's show Cupcake Wars
  • Courtney Van Buren '98: Former American football player for the San Diego Chargers
  • Victor Wang '13: USA IMO Team 2013, Gold Medal Winner at 54th IMO in Santa Marta, Colombia, July 18–28, 2013
  • Runpeng Liu '13: USA ICHO Team 2013, Gold Medal Winner at 45th ICHO in Moscow, Russia, July 15–24, 2013
  • Max Schindler '13: USA IOL Team 2013, Bronze Medal Winner at 11th IOL in Manchester, UK, July 22–27, 2013

Ladue Middle School[edit]

Originally called "East Ladue Junior High School," Ladue Middle School teaches children from sixth through eighth grades, total of 976 students in 2013-14.[1] In May 2014 it was named National School of Character.[8]

Ladue Fifth Grade Center[edit]

Built on property bought by the district in 1959 and used as a secondary middle school until 1980, when it was sold to the Westminster Christian Academy. In 2010, the property was re-purchased by the district to construct the Fifth Grade Center. Construction ended in time for its first semester in Fall 2013.[9] In the 2015-2016 school year, there were 342 students enrolled.[10]

Elementary schools[edit]

All four Ladue Elementary Schools teach children in kindergarten through fourth grades.

Conway Elementary[edit]

Conway Elementary is located in Ladue, MO, with a total of 339 students in 2013-14.[1] This school has the smallest number of students throughout the district.

Old Bonhomme Elementary[edit]

Old Bonhomme School is an elementary school in Olivette, Missouri, with a total of 383 students in 2013-14.[1]

Reed Elementary[edit]

Located in the middle of Ladue near the cross-section of Ladue Road and McKnight Road, with a total of 421 students in 2013-14.[1]

Spoede Elementary[edit]

Spoede Elementary is located in Creve Coeur, on the west side of Spoede Road, with a total of 430 students in 2013-14. This school's mascot is a turtle.[1]


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