Lady Godiva's Operation

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"Lady Godiva's Operation"
Song by the Velvet Underground
from the album White Light/White Heat
ReleasedJanuary 30, 1968 (1968-01-30)
RecordedSeptember 1967
StudioScepter Studios, New York City
Songwriter(s)Lou Reed
Producer(s)Tom Wilson

"Lady Godiva's Operation" is a song by the Velvet Underground from their second album, White Light/White Heat (1968). The lyrics of the first half of the song, sung by John Cale, describe Lady Godiva; the lyrics of the second half, sung by Cale alternating with Lou Reed, are full of oblique, deadpan black humor and describe a botched surgical procedure, implied to be either a lobotomy or a sex change.[1][2] Cale plays electric viola while Sterling Morrison plays bass, an instrument that he disliked, despite his competent abilities.[3][4]

The song was covered by the Fatima Mansions as a single.[5]



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