Lady Margaret Hall Boat Club

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Lady Margaret Hall Boat Club
Lady-Margaret-Hall Oxford Coat Of Arms (Motto).svg
Oxford boathouse 9.jpg
Image showing the rowing club's blade colours
Lady Margaret Hall Boat House, right (shared with Trinity College) and rowing blade colours
Coordinates51°44′34″N 1°14′55″W / 51.74266°N 1.24856°W / 51.74266; -1.24856Coordinates: 51°44′34″N 1°14′55″W / 51.74266°N 1.24856°W / 51.74266; -1.24856
Home waterRiver Thames
Founded1976 (1976)
PresidentAoife Elwood
Captain of coxesEsther Rollinson
  • Men: Harry Ward
  • Women: Hanna Schnitzer; Lydia Field
Membershipc. 60
Head of the RiverWomen: 1977
UniversityUniversity of Oxford
AffiliationsNewnham College, Cambridge (Sister college)

Lady Margaret Hall Boat Club (LMHBC) is a rowing club for members and staff of Lady Margaret Hall (LMH), Oxford and was founded in 1899.

LMHBC first competed in inter-college OURCs racing events in 1977, when a women's division was finally established (LMH was a women-only college for the first 100 years of its foundation). As the senior women's college LMH was placed first on the river for the inaugural women's division.[1]

It is run by an executive committee, which is elected annually by members of the club at that time. It is affiliated to Oxford University Rowing Clubs (OURCs).

The club shares a club room and boat house with Trinity College Boat Club and Linacre College Boat Club on Boat House Island, Christ Church Meadow.

The club has provided rowers for the Boat Race,[2] the Women's Boat Race,[3][4] and the Isis Reserves Race.[5]

A former president, Monica Fisher (née Pring-Mill) was responsible for instigating some of the biggest changes in Women's Boat Race history, which raised the regularity and status of that event.[4]

For a period around 2010 three times World Lightweight Sculling Champion Peter Moir Haining coached LMHBC.[6]

LMHBC is the largest sports club within Lady Margaret Hall. The club is affiliated to British Rowing.[7]


LMH Men's First VIII 2009
LMH Men's First VIII 2009

The club fields a Men's First VIII and a Women's First VIII in the annual inter-collegiate Torpids and Summer Eights bumps racing competitions, along with second and, from time to time, third VIIIs.

Chalk Arm in the College Record crews winning blades
Chalk Arm in the College Record crews winning blades

Men's crews[edit]

Men's crews began competing for LMHBC in 1979/1980 (the year after LMH first admitted men). As a new boat, they entered the table at the bottom as 90th on the river. Over the intervening years, the men's first VIII have gradually risen up the rankings. In Summer Eights 2017, the men's first VIII were head of Division 2 and entered Division 1 for the first time ever and ranked 14th on the river.[8] In Torpids 2012, the men's first VIII reached 8th on the river.

The men's second VIII were 60th on the river in 2017.[9]

A men's third VIII is periodically fielded.[10]

The Men's 1st VIII have raced in the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta on several occasions. Other external regattas include Head of the River Race and Henley 4s and 8s Head.

Women's crews[edit]

Eight's week in Oxford
Eight's week in Oxford

The LMHBC women's first VIII had the Summer Eights headship in 1977, the inaugural year of women's inclusion in Summer Eights as recognised, distinct divisions.[11] In 2017 it was 24th on the river. The LMH women's first VIII had the Torpids Headship in 1978 and was 20th on the river in 2017.

The LMHBC Women's second VIII first raced in 1986 and was 59th on the river in 2017.[12]

A women's third eight is periodically fielded.[13]

Recent Blues[edit]

There were two LMHBC members in the Oxford men's crew at The Boat Race 2018: Zachary Thomas Johnson (Cox) and Felix Drinkall (Stroke).[14]


Lady Margaret Hall Boat Club Rowing Blazer
Lady Margaret Hall Boat Club Rowing Blazer

The boat club has an ivory blazer with blue and gold piping and cuff rings bearing the Beaufort portcullis device in blue on the left breast. This may be worn by men and women who have rowed in the first Summer VIII or first Torpid.

Prior to 2005 an earlier blazer had the college arms imposed on crossed oars on the left breast and navy piping and cuff rings.

The blazers are supplied by Walters on Turl Street.

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