Lady Mary Tudor

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Lady Mary Tudor (16 October 1673 – 5 November 1726) was a natural daughter of King Charles II of England by his mistress, Mary "Moll" Davies, an actress and singer.

On 18 August 1687, Lady Mary married Edward Radclyffe, 2nd Earl of Derwentwater (9 December 1655 – 29 April 1705) by whom she had four children:[1]

Mary separated from Lord Derwentwater in 1700, reportedly due to her unwillingness to convert to Roman Catholicism.[citation needed]

On 23 May 1705, shortly after Lord Derwentwater's death, she married secondly, to Henry Graham. On 26 August 1707, after Graham's death, on 7 January 1707, she married thirdly, to Major James Rooke.[1]


Lady Mary died in Paris on 5 November 1726, aged 53.[citation needed]


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