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Son of Lady Pacal, king Itzamnaaj B'alam II and her sister, Lady Xoc

Lady Pakal (or Lady Pacal; Mayan Ix Pacal[1]) was a Maya Queen consort of Yaxchilan in Mexico.[2][full citation needed]

It is said that she lived into her sixth k'atun, meaning that she was at least ninety-eight when she died in 705.[3][page needed][4]:122

Her name means "shield".


Lady Pacal was a daughter of Lady Xibalba and wife of the king (ajaw) Yaxun B'alam III[5][full citation needed] and mother of Itzamnaaj B'alam II.[4]:???[page needed][6]

Her grandson was Yaxun B'alam IV (752–768).

Her possible sister was Lady Xoc and her daughter-in-law was Lady Eveningstar of Calakmul.

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