Lady Victorian

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Lady Victorian
(Redeī Vikutorian)
GenreComedy, Romance
Written byNaoko Moto
Published byAkita Shoten
Original run19982007
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Lady Victorian (Japanese: レディーヴィクトリアン, Hepburn: Redeī Vikutorian) is a manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Moto. The story is set in Victorian era. It is about the adventure of a young girl, Bluebell Lily Everrose AKA Bell, who comes to London to seek for a job as a governess. It was first published in 1998, in Princess.

Plot summary[edit]

When Bell comes to London, she hopes for a bright future. But fate plays trick on her. As she is working for an unpleasant family, a dead body is found in her bag and she is arrested. Fortunately, she is rescued by the kind Mr Noel Scott and Lady Ethel, whom she discovers later to be a man. After the incident, she comes across numerous events, which are either hilarious, dramatic and romantic.


Bluebell Lily Everrose 
Also known as Bell, she is from a rural area of England. Her father was a missionary. After he died, she travels to London to seek for a job as a governess. She is lively, optimistic and romantic.
Lady Ethel AKA Argent Gray
After a marquis's daughter died, his wife became heartbroken. The marquis tried to cure her heart by finding a child to replace their daughter. He found Argent Gray in East End, trained the young boy as a lady and replaced their daughter with him. With grace and beauty, Argent becomes the society's top lady.
But he has another facet. Every now and then, he dresses as a man and goes by the name Argent Gray, which is also his nom de plume as a novelist for Noel's magazine. When he is in this mode, he acts as an uncouth man who grew up in a slum. That does not hide his exceptional beauty, however, since he has long, noticeable silver hair and a pretty face.
Noel Scott 
He runs a publishing house and a magazine for ladies. He tried to propose to Bell but he got rejected.
Sir Martin 
Lady Ethel's brother. After 3 years of studying outside of the country, Sir Martin came back to London.

He first encountered Bell while she and her student went on a walk. Bell accidentally stomp on him. In the latest release of the manga. Sir Martin was hated by Lady Ethel.