Consort Wan

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Wan Zhen'er
Spouse Chenghua Emperor
Issue 1st son of Chenghua Emperor (1466-1466)
Father Wan Gui
Born 1428
Died 1487 (aged 58–59)

Imperial Noble Consort Wan (traditional Chinese: 萬皇貴妃; simplified Chinese: 万皇贵妃) (1428-1487), born Wan Zhen'er (Chinese: 萬貞兒; pinyin: Wàn Zhēn'ér), known formally as Imperial Noble Consort Gongsuduanshunrongjing (恭肅端順榮靖皇貴妃) was an imperial consort during the Ming Dynasty. She is sometimes known as Consort Wan or Lady Wan and was the favorite consort of the Chenghua Emperor.

She was more than twice his age. Lady Wan had been a mother figure to young Chenghua but after ascending the throne she quickly became Chenghua's favourite consort after giving birth to a child in 1464. The child soon died however Lady Wan held sway over the imperial harem and prevented the young emperor from bearing any offspring. Lady Wan and her eunuchs would either induce abortion to those who were about to bear the emperor's child or administer poison to mother and child if birth had occurred.

In fiction[edit]

Played by Tavia Yeung, a fictionalized version of Consort Wan was portrayed in 2011 Hong Kong's TVB television series, The Emperor's Harem. In the 2011 wuxia film Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, she is played Zhang Xinyu. The villainess Consort Man, played by Stephanie Che, from the 2001 TVB sitcom Virtues of Harmony is loosely based on her.