Ladyfinger Peak

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Lady Finger Peak
لیڈی فنگر
Lady Finger and Ultar Peak.JPG
Ladyfinger peak is the sharp peak in the centre-left of the photo
Highest point
Elevation6,000 m (20,000 ft) [1][1]
Prominence< 200 m
ListingList of mountains in Pakistan
Coordinates36°22′12″N 74°39′00″E / 36.37000°N 74.65000°E / 36.37000; 74.65000Coordinates: 36°22′12″N 74°39′00″E / 36.37000°N 74.65000°E / 36.37000; 74.65000
Lady Finger Peak لیڈی فنگر is located in Gilgit Baltistan
Lady Finger Peak لیڈی فنگر
Lady Finger Peak
لیڈی فنگر
Location of Ladyfinger Peak
Lady Finger Peak لیڈی فنگر is located in Pakistan
Lady Finger Peak لیڈی فنگر
Lady Finger Peak
لیڈی فنگر
Lady Finger Peak
لیڈی فنگر (Pakistan)
LocationGilgit, Northern Areas, Pakistan
Parent rangeBatura Muztagh, Karakoram
First ascentMay 22, 1982 by Patrick Cordier and Jacques Maurin[1]
Easiest routeEast Ridge[1]

The Bublimotin, Bubli Motin, Bublimating or Ladyfinger Peak (Urdu: لیڈی فنگر‎), is a distinctive rock spire in the Batura Muztagh, the westernmost subrange of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. It lies on the southwest ridge of the Ultar Sar massif, the most southeasterly of the major groups of the Batura Muztagh. The whole massif rises precipitously above the Hunza Valley to the southeast. Bublimotin, while having little prominence above the saddle with nearby Hunza Peak, is particularly notable for being a sharp, relatively snowless rock spire among snow peaks. This, combined with its height above the valley, makes it quite eye-catching; hence the distinctive name. It provides a 6,000 metres (20,000 ft) rock climb (with a very serious alpine approach) and has been the scene of some notable paragliding.

An interesting folk tale about the peak (Bubli mo Ting literally means 'Bubli's peak) is that Kisar, a (magical) prince from Baltistan, came to Hunza on one of his adventures and married a princess, a gas, called Bubli. When he received news that his first wife in Baltistan, Langabrumo, had been kidnapped (by a phut or a deu, one story says, but according to Lorimer's book it is a king from another country), he immediately made preparations to set off and rescue her. He took Bubli up to this mountain, (later named after her) and handed her a sack of grain as well as a hen or chicken (a qarqamuts). She must have asked whether - and when - he would be back, and he told her: "Every year give this chicken a single grain to eat. When the sack is empty, I will return. Until that time, stay here." He left, and, they say, Bubli is waiting there still.

Close-up of Ladyfinger Peak
Close-up of Bublimotin Ladyfinger and Hunza Peak

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