Laemmle Theatres

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Laemmle Theatres
Industry Entertainment
Founded 1938
Founder Max and Kurt Laemmle
Area served
Los Angeles area
Services Movie theater, Academy Award qualification
Owner Robert and Greg Laemmle

Laemmle Theatres (/ˈlɛmli/ LEM-lee) is a group of family-run arthouse movie theaters in the Los Angeles area. It was established in 1938[1] and is owned and operated by Robert Laemmle and his son Greg Laemmle.

Robert Laemmle's father Max and uncle Kurt, cousins of Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle, bought their first movie theater in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1938.

There are seven locations: Claremont 5 in Claremont, Monica 4-plex in Santa Monica, Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills, Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, Royal Theatre in West Los Angeles, Town Center 5 in Encino, and NoHo 7 in North Hollywood. The Laemmle Grande 4-Plex on South Figueroa Street closed October 25, 2009 as L.A. Live's Regal Cinema complex was set to open.[1]

In December 2011, the Glendale City Council and Redevelopment Agency approved a $12.8 million[2] plan to develop a loft with 42 residential units, a 5-screen Laemmle Theaters, and a Panda Inn restaurant. Construction of the residential building complex began in mid-2015,[3] and is expected to open in early 2017.[4]

Oscar qualifying[edit]

During the 21st century, the Laemmle venues have come to be known as the "Secret Path to Oscar Qualifying" since they have been repeatedly used by independent films, short films, and documentaries for that purpose.[5] Laemmle provides services designed to enable a film to qualify for Academy Awards,[6] charging a flat rate for exhibition while giving the film's producers 100 percent of the box office receipts; they have someone meet every year with the Academy committees in all the categories to ensure their "qualifying run" bookings actually qualify.[5] They even help film-makers book their films outside of their own theaters if a committee requires that.[5]


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