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Laetitia Matilda Hawkins (baptized 8 August 1759[1] – 22 November 1835) was an English novelist, associated with Twickenham. She is also a character in Beryl Bainbridge's novel According to Queeney.

Hawkins was the daughter of Sir John Hawkins, an acquaintance of Samuel Johnson. She wrote at least four novels, including The Countess and Gertrude (1811), and she also acted as an amanuensis for her father. Her work was published anonymously until after Sir John's death in 1789.


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  • Letters on the Female Mind (1793)
  • Rosanne; or A father’s labour lost (1814)
  • Thoughts on our national calamity: in a letter to a friend in Ireland (1817)
  • Heraline; or, Opposite proceedings (1821)
  • Annaline; or, Motive-hunting (1824)
  • Memoirs, anecdotes, facts and opinions (1824)

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