LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction

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LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction
LafargeHolcim Award
Awarded forProjects and visions in sustainable construction
Presented byLafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction
Reward(s)Total USD 2 million
First awarded2005

The LafargeHolcim Awards is an international competition that seeks projects and visionary concepts in sustainable construction – irrespective of scale. A total of USD 2 million in prize money is awarded in each three-year cycle.[1] Eligible for entry are projects in: buildings and civil engineering works; landscape, urban design and infrastructure; and materials, products and construction technologies. The LafargeHolcim Awards is conducted by the LafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction based in Switzerland.[2] Entries can only be made online.[3]

The competition was known as the Holcim Awards from 2003. Holcim Ltd and Lafarge S.A. completed their global merger and launched LafargeHolcim in July 2015. The name of the foundation was changed to LafargeHolcim Foundation, and the competition became the LafargeHolcim Awards.[4]

Regional and global phase[edit]

The LafargeHolcim Awards competition opens with five regional LafargeHolcim Awards competitions and is followed by the Global LafargeHolcim Awards. The regional LafargeHolcim Awards are based on five geographic areas: Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Entries in the competition are allocated to a region based on the location of the project.

LafargeHolcim Awards (main) and Next Generation (student) categories[edit]

There are two categories within the competition:[5][6] The main category of the competition is open to architects, planners, engineers, and project owners that showcase sustainable responses to technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural issues affective contemporary building and construction. The fifteen projects that receive LafargeHolcim Awards Gold, Silver or Bronze in the five regions are then qualified for the competition for the Global LafargeHolcim Awards.[7] The Next Generation category is open to bold ideas and visions of students in between the age of 18 and 30.

Evaluation criteria[edit]

Submissions in both categories are evaluated by independent juries, using five “target issues” to define sustainable construction.[8] Three of these align with the triple bottom line concept of balanced social, environmental and economic performance. The two remaining target issues define contextual and aesthetic impact, as well as innovation and transferability.


The independent juries consist of renowned experts from architecture, engineering, planning, and the construction industry.[9]


The total prize money for each cycle of the regional and global LafargeHolcim Awards competitions is USD 2 million.[10]

Global Awards winners[edit]

Source: LafargeHolcim Foundation

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2018 Publicly-accessible water retention and treatment complex, Mexico City, Mexico Religious and secular complex, Dandaji, Niger Community-driven neighborhood planning, Detroit, USA
2015 UVA de La Imaginación water reservoirs, Medellin, Colombia Community Library, Ambepussa, Sri Lanka The Dryline (Big U) flood protection, New York City, USA
2012 Secondary school, Gando village, Burkina Faso Fábrica de Música public building, Grotão, São Paulo, Brazil Fussbad swimming pool, Berlin, Germany
2009 River remediation and urban development scheme, Fez, Morocco Greenfield university campus, Mekong Delta, Vietnam Rural community, Beijing, China
2006 Main Station, Stuttgart, Germany and
Urban Integration Project, San Rafael-Unido, Caracas, Venezuela
Waterpower, Mulini Valley, Italy Greening the Infrastructure at Benny Farm, Montreal, Canada


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