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Lafleur Restaurants
Founded 1951 on Avenue Lafleur in LaSalle, Quebec
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Lafleur Restaurants (in French, Resto Lafleur) is a chain of family-owned fast food restaurants located in the greater Montreal area.


The business began in 1951 on Avenue Lafleur in LaSalle, Quebec (in the Montreal area). It was set up by Denis Vinet who had spent the previous ten years selling hot dogs and french fries from a van in LaSalle. The business gradually grew into a chain that is spread in and around Montreal.


Lafleur is widely known for serving the basic staples of Québécois fast food, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and poutine. It is particularly known for its hot dog dishes. Among the hot dog varieties available is the Michigan hot dog that might be served with processed cheese and/or onions, the tofu dog, the Supreme (with processed cheese and bacon), and the traditional steamed Montreal hot dog which contains onions, sweet relish, mustard, and coleslaw, known as an "all-dress steamé".

As of 2008, Lafleur has added a vegetarian burger to its menu.

Lafleur's french fries ("frites") are fresh cut russet potatoes. They are cut from non-mechanized hand-operated potato presses which are often installed to be visible by customers.

The chain also serves breakfast which includes simple meals such as toast and coffee or more elaborate ones that include crêpes, French toast, hash browns, sausages, bacon, eggs, and baked beans.


Each location has wooden chairs and tables and the interior of has a green, white, and yellow motif.

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