Lafon, South Sudan

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Lafon is located in South Sudan
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 5°02′00″N 32°28′09″E / 5.033234°N 32.469063°E / 5.033234; 32.469063Coordinates: 5°02′00″N 32°28′09″E / 5.033234°N 32.469063°E / 5.033234; 32.469063
Country Flag of South Sudan.svg South Sudan
State Eastern Equatoria
County Lafon County

Lafon is a community in Eastern Equatoria State of South Sudan, the headquarters of Lafon County. The people belong to the Pari ethnic group.[1] Lafon Hill is a small, rocky elevation that rises abruptly from the surrounding plain. It is covered with terraced, Pari villages. Traditionally the people made their living primarily from cattle herding.[2]


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